Why G Suit Is Better?

G Suite is efficient tool for running your daily business activity. It is one of the most best solutions for business email. G Suite is Google’s product which efficiently manages your business, improve workflow and enhance the communication with office.

There are some business people who didn’t the G suite services and some are still using free gmail account for their emails instead of using their company domain. G suite provide the ease of using your company’s domain name into gmail account. There are several such benefits of G suite.

1. Gmail with your domain name

   This is what attracts user toward G suite. G suite allows business owners to use gmail account with their company’s domain name. And there is no fuss in using this service, it is very simple and you create multiple email account using domain name and get mails into gmail.

2. Security of your data

   Unlike other hosting server, where there is risk of data security and users complain about spamming, G suite is free from all this hazards. With G suite cloud storage service you can safely save your data. You can easily store and access data with google drive. This data is stored in multiple location on google server located in different parts of the world. So you don’t have to worry about server failure.

3. Sharing documents

   G suite saves all your data online.You can access your documents or spreadsheet anywhere and from any device with the help of google drive. It make it easier to share your documents with your team and even with other businesses. You can also assign permission to your documents like - can edit and view only, as per your requirement.

4. Cost savings

     Gmail and google drive are free but to use your domain name and for other services you need to pay minimal charges. It offers a huge space for storing your data and other exceptional services. The cost is still competitive compared to other hosting servers and no maintenance problem. More than 3 million business are happy to use G suite services.